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All About Your Planner: Cylee

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Hey Blog Readers! this is my first official Blog post! (Eeeek! Exciting!) I am looking forward to bringing you tips and tricks in the wedding industry in the coming weeks! I thought I would get started by sharing a little bit about myself, since hopefully we will be spending LOTS of time working together turning your wedding vision into a reality.

Not the Original Plan... WAY BETTER!
As I hope you have read my About page on my website, I graduated with a degree in Special Event and Meeting Coordination. I originally thought that I wanted to organize and plan 5K runs. Running always was a passion of mine and I thought it was what I would focus on. Then I took a course on Wedding Planning and everything changed. I loved that the smallest details meant the most and that each couple had unique styles and experiences that would be incorporated in their day. I even loved that if something could go wrong, I would be the one to find a solution.

Cylee: Captain of a Whole Neighborhood Kickball Team
Managing groups of people was something I learned at an early age (Did I mention that I am the oldest child of 8?..) Remember when all the kids in your neighborhood would get together to play kickball after school? Well for our neighborhood, it was me and my siblings and everyone else on the other team. I learned very young that everyone has different personalities and different interests, which I don't look at as a challenge so much, as a new experience. Its just that instead of working with my siblings to win the Tuesday night Kickball game, I am working with a variety of clients/vendors to create and coordinate a beautifully ran event.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes 2 Dogs and 14 Chickens...?
Family is very important to me- especially the family that my husband Jake and I have created. We have two beautiful German Shepherds- Roxy & Charlie. We also have 14 chicken... Jake said no more dogs, so we settled with 14 chickens. (Happy wife, happy life- Right?!)

So, Like What Does a Wedding Planner Do if Not Planning a Wedding?...
When I am not working, I keep myself VERY busy! Here are a couple things I am probably doing if I am not planning/coordinating a wedding:

My pups need a lot of attention- lots of frisbee time, belly scratches & walks
Spontaneous Date Nights with my Hubby
Catching up with Friends, usually over a Margarita or a Glass (or two) of Wine
Working on my Garden... Garden Time = Cylee's Happy Time
Spending Time with my Beautiful Godbabies
OR Rewatching New Girl for the 8,000th time

Well, that's pretty much it! Thank you so much for reading a little bit about me- I am looking forward to getting to know you and your partner and working closely to make your wedding dreams come true!
- Cylee Ragan
Owner & Planner
Cylee Catherine Events LLC

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